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AI game
AI game

AI Game,The Players in The AI Game

A look into the nations across the world taking strides in the AI game
Judging by the breathless coverage, it will appear as if the sole countries developing A.I. are the US and China. However whereas corporations in those 2 countries are leading the method in with-it analysis and merchandise, it’s still early for the trade and alternative nations area unit operating exhausting to become major A.I. players.

AI Singapore

Singapore was one in all the primary countries to announce a national strategy, called A.I. Singapore, in could 2017.

The initiative brings the govt., analysis establishments, and corporations along to collaborate on analysis and hurries up native adoption of A.I., with $109 million to pay over 5 years. Singapore additionally features a start in autonomous vehicles:

It had the primary self-driving taxis to be used by the general public and designed a mini-town for more testing.

United Arab Emirates IN NURSING AI

The United Arab Emirates is that the initial country within the Near East to publish Associate in Nursing A.I. strategy, and also the solely country within the world to make a Ministry of computing. whereas the Emiratis are attempting to draw in international attention with daring comes like Associate in Nursing A.I.-powered research lab targeted on global climate change, this summer they schooled 600 native students at Associate in Nursing A.I. camp to develop their own talent pool.

Israel In Medical AI

Israel is turning into a world leader in medical A.I. with dozens of recent health care start-ups during a country that includes a population simply back of recent Jersey’s. the govt. proclaimed a five-year program with a budget of $280 million to digitalize patient information and use A.I. to assemble necessary insights, with hopes of turning the native experience into shopper merchandise that would create Israel Associate in Nursing trade leader.


India free its A.I. strategy solely this summer, however it contains a giant concept that might catch them up: become the “garage” that develops A.I. that makes economic process and social development for themselves and also the remainder of the developing world. The plan, that they’re career #AI-for-All, can specialize in comes around health care, agriculture, education, sensible cities and infrastructure, and sensible quality and transportation.

France In Health AI

The France government discharged a 150-page document earlier this year that spells out its A.I. efforts round the health, surroundings, transportation and security sectors, and is swing $2 billion into funding comes around those areas. And once (or if) Britain leaves the ecu Union, France is well placed to be the union’s geographical point of A.I. each Google and Facebook have already got offices in Paris dedicated to A.I. research.

Canada In AI Trade

Two of the four “godfathers” of this A.I. boom, Yoshua Bengio, and Geoffrey Hinton live, work, and teach in Canada. Their efforts have helped spur major analysis associate degreed an A.I. trade there, together with offices for Uber, Facebook, and Google. The immigration restrictions within the US have additionally sent proficient international researchers to Canada rather than Silicon Valley

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