Drawing Detroit Become Human (Connor) – & Tips to Get Motivated


Chalk-pastel coloring pencils, Charcoal Black Medium, Charcoal Black Medium Dark
Strathmore Bristol 300, Charcoal Primo, uni-ball Signo

My best motivation tips I can give you guys for getting over being unmotivated is actually to try something new and experiment with different art styles or mediums or even learn a new skill altogether. I really believe that the first thing that you can do to help overcome being unmotivated is to figure out why are you are motivated in the first place. I believe that there are three big reasons why you might be feeling unmotivated.

The first one is you might be feeling less confident, you don’t feel good enough with your art and if you are feeling less confident you’re not really gonna feel motivated to do something that you don’t feel confident about. The second one is you don’t have any real urge to create there’s no real inspiration there. You don’t feel excited and it’s just not really feeling like a big priority in your life right now. The third reason why you might be motivated is that you’re simply not happy with your art, you’re not happy with what you’re creating. You have no real like identity or style or maybe you just don’t know what mediums you want to use and you just might be unmotivated because you have no real direction of what you want your art to go.

Let’s go through some common ways to actually solve those issues that I just spoke about. The first one I said was no confidence and tip 1 is don’t compare yourself to other artists. I think this is one of the main reasons people feel lesss confident or down on themselves or that they’re not good enough is because they go on social media and they compare themselves to other artists that they look up to. You should draw positive inspiration from that and aim to be where they are not put yourself down.

Just practice and use that as motivation and keep looking at those artists and their artwork that you want to strive towards. Tip two is to remember that everybody goes through this every artist is gonna go through periods where they don’t feel particularly confident they don’t really feel like they’re good enough. I think it’s kind of comforting knowing that every artist goes for it and you’re not alone but the important thing is to not let it hold you back just go and create art anyway.

Tip three is really thinking logically about how good it will feel when you start to see your improvement when you practice and then you look back on your art and you see how much you’ve improved. That’s gonna make you feel happy and motivated. One thing that you need to accept is when you’re creating there are going to mistakes but mistakes aren’t a bad thing. Learn from your mistake. The second reason for being motivated was having no urgency to create no real inspiration and my tip to overcoming this would be set yourself goals that actually really excite you. Set yourself goals that you know really gonna excite you and get you in the mood to create.


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