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The Future for Alexa: The Big Plans and the Reality Check

CNBC reported on Monday
September 17, 2018 that Amazon will disclose eight new Alexa-controlled devices
for the autos and homes before the year’s end. Every one of the gadgets will
associate effectively to Alexa, and some will have the voice partner worked in.
The items will stamp Amazon’s first move into the home apparatuses advertise, a
territory where contenders have just staked out their turf.

Amazon has collaborated
with various home developers, including Lennar, which recently propelled the
world’s first Wi-Fi ensured brilliant interior design with incorporated
computerization and Amazon Alexa voice control. Amazon has already collaborated
with Audi and showed off the e-tron SUV, its first vehicle with Alexa
coordinated into the reassure show, at an occasion prior this month in San
Francisco. Hyundai and Ford have been two other partners with Amazon in the use
for Alexa in cars and have produced models in the last couple of years.

Rob Enderle, of the
Enderle Group, who is one of the critics of the modern technology, believes
that Alexa’s strengths lie in market infiltration, usability, and moderately
low section and product costs.

He is of the view that
Alexa is not a true AI yet which sets an expectation it cannot yet meet, and
the items have a tendency to have false begins – reacting to TV programs, radio
broadcasts or remarks not proposed for them.

Dough Henschen, of the
famous Silicon Valley tech research group Constellation Research is of the view
that most users of Amazon Echo gadgets don’t get many past straightforward requests
like requesting kitchen timers, and news and climate updates and the skills
possessed by Alexa go underused. However Henschen does believe that the voice
automation provides low risk reference for the two parties, insofar as they can
convey on the guarantee of a simple affair that is useful to the client.

The biggest reality check
for Alexa today is the impending competition with the mobile devices of Google
and Apple in the ecosystem. Good news however for Alexa remains in the fact
that Apple explored the ecosystem market but Amazon is running away with it at
the moment.

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