This Woman Reads 100 Books In A Month

Last month, Therese embarked on a challenge to read 100 nonfiction titles with the Blinkist app. Here’s how she did

by Sandra Wu | Apr 20 2018

Meet Therese, she’s a enterprise development manager living in Berlin, Germany. Closing month, she controlled to study over 100 nonfiction titles in psychology, politics and management.
It began with a guess. A colleague challenged her to read malcolm gladwell’s outliers: the story of fulfillment in hours.
As decided as she become, she couldn’t meet the closing date.
She were given via the first few chapters particularly quick however located it impossible to finish the book within the targeted 2 hours. Even though she misplaced the wager, she had an idea.

She determined numerous web sites, blogs, and apps that remodel books into ‘chunk-sized’ content material.
Ultimately, she opted for the Blinkist app. As one of the first offerings to condense nonfiction books into quick reads, the Blinkist app has 2,000+ bestselling nonfiction titles in its library (together with outliers: the tale of achievement!).

To provide exceptional insights from every e-book, she discovered that they’ve over one hundred literary professionals hard at work. She changed into additionally satisfied by way of the audio characteristic which allowed her to pay attention to the learnings at some point of her day.

With this cool new sidekick, Therese set a new goal for herself – she would read the key insights from 100 books in just one month. Read all about her experience in her own words below!


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