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The Gist of Me

Over the years, friends and colleagues have described me as a cynical optimist.  While my humor does trend to the dark, I suppose I do have a streak of what a British friend of mine described as the “hopeful optimism that is America.” 


Born and raised on the “gritty streets of Madison, Wisconsin” (they weren't really that gritty), my life followed the traditional path of long-haired/earing-wearing lifeguard goes to the University of Wisconsin, becomes a Marine Officer who becomes FBI Agent who eventually goes corporate.  I'm a Mountain West transplant who now splits time in Utah and Idaho with my family.  

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 The Gist of My Blog

I began writing about my thoughts and observations during my last job in the FBI.  At first, it was an exercise in clarifying my thinking so I could better communicate the expectations others should have of me and what I expected of them.  It was also an admission of sorts.  For years, my FBI Climate Survey reflected that many found me to be unapproachable and intimidating.  After several years of the same feedback and being somewhat in denial that it was accurate, I realized they were right.  However I saw myself was not how other people saw me and the blog was my attempt to bridge that gap with them to become a more effective leader.

So what started out as job-related posts evolved into more general life and leadership observations with the source material being 50 years of observing people, 30 years of leading people, and 25 years of being a husband and father.  

I promise no magical insights or great epiphanies that no one else has ever written about.  Just food for thought from one guy with a view.  Thanks for reading.

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