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"That Was a Great Meeting!"

Words seldom heard in nature

I hate meetings. I know I’m not alone. The D-Day invasion was planned in less time than some of the meetings I’ve endured. Unless you’re announcing a birth, promoting someone, or handing out bonuses, there’s little joy in meetings.

Think back on your work life and try to remember the truly impactful ones. Let me know if you need more than two thumbs? Okay, I know some meetings are necessary but let's not have the exception be the rule.

I think too many people and organizations equate meetings with productivity. And too often, meeting comes at the expense of doing. When I’m considering whether to schedule a meeting, I try to think about the following:

1. What’s the purpose of the meeting?

a. Informational – if so, can it be replaced with a concise/targeted email?

b. Decisional - Is everyone prepared to meet?

i. If not, don’t waste everyone’s time with a meeting

2. Who needs to be there?

a. Usually fewer people than you think

3. How much time is required?

a. Cut that time in half

b. If a meeting takes longer than 30 minutes, see #1 above

And if you’re not sure whether you need a meeting, the answer is no


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1 Comment

Nov 11, 2021

We have all been there!

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